Thankyou for coming through to my page and hopefully listening to some of the music. I have been fortunate to work with many many great and wonderful people right across the media industry and thought I would mention a few highlights here :)

I began my career in London at Mindloop Studios composing the music for "La Bella Figura' a feature length film set in Rome. It was directed by my brother Harry Brunjes. Upon completion, I moved to Dubai to work for Mindloop Studios as an audio engineer / producer. I was fortunate enough to make radio adverts for high profile international clients and compose music for a numbers of tvc's and documentaries. 

I was invited to join the team at MTV Arabia, where I then stayed for just over a year at Dubai' Studio City. In house work for a vey busy station was exhausting but fun. Everyday I would compose for a new promo or a new TV show as well as record voiceover for kids shows. MTV Arabia is partnered with Nickelodeon Arabia and I subsequently worked on lots of kids shows I grew up watching!

The media industry was hit hard during the recession and we were all "culled"! It was a major shame as the friends at the company departed all over the world. We had a great atmosphere in the office and had achieved a great deal. I was fortunate to be interviews for Farsi 1 a start up Persian TV Channel. I joined the team and began a very intensive six month position taking the channel to its launch in October 09. I was asked to write the "jingles" for the channel - giving the channel a sonic branding and character. I also learnt a great deal of Farsi in the process and huge amounts about Persian music. 

I left Dubai to return to London not long after to work as a freelance composer/producer. My credits have now included Google, Red Bull, Panasonic, Gillette and Toyota to name a few. 

It has not always been in TV and post production however. I also produce music for artists releasing 'Collecting Sense to make Change" in 2010 for The Truth in Toronto. I have produced music or worked with artists such as Scrufizzer, Foreign Beggars, Wriggly Scott, Mrs Lyrical Nuisance, Crime in the City and Sonny Jim. 

I also started the rock band "HOWE" with my younger brother Ralph Brunjes. We have recorded 2 EP's in London and continue to perform regularly across the UK. We have opened for Razoright, James Walsh, The Raveonettes and Treetop Flyers. The full line up as of 2013 is myself, Ralph Brunjes and Niall Lavelle.