What is a production lesson?

Lots of people ask "what is production" so I've decided to offer one to one lessons either in my London studio or over Skype.

Want to learn how to mix? Want to learn better compression tips? Want to learn how to set up a studio? And so on...

We're open to all levels and abilities - if you have a question just get in touch. 

How Does It Work?

Book your time using the contact form and state "121" in the subject. Let me know exactly what it is you would like to learn.

If it's over Skype we can use screenshare so I can show you the tips and tricks I use in my productions. 

If it's in the studio either bring your projects in or come and sit in on a session and learn directly with me. I also continue to learn and am happy to share anything I know. 

How Much Does It Cost?

15 Min Session - $40

30 Min Session - $75

1 Hour Session - $125

How Can I Book Time?

Use the contact form or just send me an email on I'll respond in 24hours. 


How Much Does It Cost?

30 Min Session - $40

1 Hour Session - $75

What style can I learn

I can teach classical, flamenco, jazz and rock guitar.